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Read our Quarterly Report Q4 2020

Posted 01 March 2021

Despite the new and secondary equipment markets being affected by COVID-19 and a recession during 2020, the fourth quarter closed with positive results across all sectors. With an expectation that the markets will continue to strengthen in 2021.  New road transport sector achieved 5 months of growth and is showing some certainty for strengthening results in 2021 across all segments. Caterpillar has seen full-year sales and revenues decline by 22% in 2020.  One of the only positives to be found…

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Read our Quarterly Report for Q1 2020

Posted 23 June 2020

The impact of the Coronavirus has affected every part of the Australian economy including affecting asset values in the automotive, road transport, construction, manufacturing, mining, aviation and marine sectors. Asset values do not have the volatility we might expect from the share market with large daily or even weekly fluctuations. Asset values may drop and rise at varying speeds however they tend to continue to track in that same direction for a period of time before reversing depending on supply…

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Read our Quarterly Report for Q4 2019

Posted 23 June 2020

The fourth quarter of 2019 saw a decline across all key market sectors, particularly road transport and automotive suffered the largest decline. The quarter, in short, can be found below: All truck segments suffered a decline in sales throughout 2019, with the end of year sales results ending with an 8.8% decline in comparison to the 2018 end of year results. We continue to see European trucks gaining more traction in the market, with these units being reported to have additional…

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Read our Quarterly Report for Q3 2019

Posted 22 November 2019

The third quarter of 2019 has seen declines in key market sectors continue although there were a few outliers that bucked the trend of declining new asset sales Full report online now. The quarter, in short, can be found below: Our Valuation team have had a busy quarter, a review of the business shows that valuations for lending purposes continue to dominate. We continue to see the decline in the new Truck sales market due to the oversupply of trucks…

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Read our Quarterly Report for Q2 2019

Posted 29 August 2019

The second quarter of 2019 saw mixed results in many sectors. Declining sales and depressed conditions in the automotive and heavy transport sectors saw those markets continue to go backwards from previous quarters whereas the mining and earthmoving sectors have had positive signs with increases in sales for new equipment and capital investment from the mining sector. Full report online now. The quarter in short: Volvo beat Kenworth in June as the No. 1 selling brand and is only 50 units behind YTD…

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Read our Quarterly Report for Q1 2019

Posted 31 May 2019

The first quarter for 2019 was a busy one for us and the markets. There were some large market declines in new sales across Trucks, Automotive and Agriculture. Take a look for yourself to get the full market update with our report online now. The quarter in short: Slattery Asset Advisory was engaged by the Administrators of RCR Group. Inspecting over 30 sites and 3,700 assets. The Road Transport sector has been deflated in both the new and used sectors after hitting a new sales record for the year in 2018….

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Read our Quarterly Report for Q4 2018

Posted 14 March 2019

The 4th Qtr for 2018 was tumultuous, to say the least with varying results across the road transport, automotive, plant and equipment sectors. The new truck market finished 2018 up with record truck sales in all categories, which is fantastic news for the sector. The used truck market also performed very strongly all around the country throughout 2018. The most interesting yet concerning trend in the 4th Qtr, however, was these record sales figures plummeted in December and have carried…

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Read our Quarterly Report for Q3 2018

Posted 04 December 2018

Third Quarter Report for 2018 The third quarter was a hive of activity with major auctions taking place and substantial shifts across many markets. Slattery Asset Advisory has hosted its very successful 2018 Valuations conference. The focus being ‘Looking to the Future‘ with industry experts from Transport, Mining, Earthmoving, Marine and Aviation giving insight into what technology is coming. The overall road transport and Mining/Earthmoving sector has continued to perform well throughout the third quarter of 2018. Motor vehicles and Marine all…

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Read our Quarterly Report for Q2 2018

Posted 30 August 2018

The second quarter for 2018 continued the positive momentum of the first quarter with solid results across road transport, mining equipment and commercial motor vehicles. Planning is well underway for our upcoming Valuations conference to be held in the Hunter Valley on the 18th and 19th of October. Tickets can be pre-purchased now via the register of interest page. A highlight from the second quarter was the very successful onsite auction of a large construction company in the Hunter Valley, where a large quantity of Hilux’s and Isuzu…

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Read our Quarterly Report for Q1 2018

Posted 22 May 2018

The first quarter for 2018 has seen solid results across all areas including road transport, earthmoving and motor vehicles.  Slattery Asset Advisory has had an exciting first quarter with the launch of our new Asset Recovery Business. The business essentially co-ordinates the late cycle credit recovery and asset re-remarketing processes for major banks and financers. This quarter also saw us hold one of our biggest auctions. With the liquidation of the assets operated by Ostwald Brothers in Dalby, South East Queensland. This…

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