Our uniquely blended multi-disciplinary team of valuation, insolvency, logistics, marketing and IT specialists can consult on a wide variety of client briefs with tailor made precision, resulting in solution-focused innovative thinking and world-class practical execution of strategies.


Our valuation services extend from large-scale asset liquidation programs to single items for discreet disposal. We can value the assets of an entire company, wherever they are located. We can also provide accurate estimates of value for loan approvals and to establish debt provision levels, such as for mining equipment, machinery or aircraft; particularly useful for depreciation schedules.

Asset Management

Asset verification programs confirm that the assets as stated in a business’ tax return or articles of corporation exist, have a particular value and are being maintained appropriately. This helps our clients maintain accurate accounting records and depreciation schedules. It also protects the position of clients that are considering lending against the value of a business’ assets. We can also provide asset management and asset lifecycle advice, determining what an asset’s residual value will be for resell once it is no longer required by a particular business.

Asset Remarketing

We offer a range of asset remarketing options, allowing us to provide clients with the most appropriate solution for the scale and nature of the assets to be sold. We pride ourselves on our tailored approach to the marketing of our clients’ assets and provide bespoke marketing plans that include a strategic mix of both print and digital media channels for every job we undertake. This ensures successful results for our clients.

Sales Channels

We find the most effective approach for remarketing a wide range of asset types is a blend of several sales channels tailored to suit the requirements of the inventory and the client.

  • A combination of a traditional in-room or onsite auction with online bidding through our proprietary owned simulcast platform, which streams live audio of the auction over the internet at the same time as visually showing full asset details, photos and current bid information in real time.

  • Best suited towards high volume and value items such as automotive, trucks, machinery and aircraft. The traditional auction method leverages the competitive nature of the auction process with an engaged auctioneer functioning as an active salesman.

  • In cases where distance or access to a location is a problem, Webcast auctions are the best solution. Conducted by an auctioneer onsite in the traditional way, these auctions are streamed over the internet to a virtual buyer audience.

  • These are held in our secure facilities and cater for large, single source consignments.


  • An appropriate solution for the liquidation of an entire business or going concern, when relocation of assets is not possible or commercially viable, or their current location is preferable for the market.

  • Suitable for lower value equipment or a large quantity of similar items, such as that found in the IT, catering or retail industries. Online auctions offer the lowest cost platform for remarketing assets.

  • Occasionally used when there is no time pressure to sell and the vendor is looking for a higher result than is likely to be achieved through other sales processes. Also used successfully in the sale of high value specialist equipment, where motivated buyers are few.

  • The EOI or Tender process is a formal, structured process inviting interested parties to submit bids according to a predetermined set of rules. Suitable for highly specialised equipment, which may not have a large number of buyers at any one time.

Tech Solutions

We have a longstanding reputation as technology leaders in our industry. Our auction management software has been fully upgraded with a user-friendly interface that allows vendors to manage their own inventory sales process. We have invested heavily in the development of proprietary online auction and simulcast software that allows live auctions to be broadcast online in real time, to anywhere in the world. We have also launched a proprietary appraisal and goods inward app. This app allows us to efficiently record all detail, photograph and appraise individual assets into a central location thereby dramatically streamlining our end-to-end asset processing.



Outsource your late-cycle collections and recoveries to Slattery Asset Advisory and make the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Experts Across Multiple Asset Categories

Our team has specialist knowledge and experience in the following asset categories:

  • Road Transport

    From small tippers to large road transport fleets we can provide ongoing management to monitor the condition and value of your assets, as well as valuations and auction sales. Our specialist team has over 50 years joint experience in transport assets and our Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane truck sales are becoming Australia’s primary destination for the sale and purchase of road transport assets.

  • Automotive

    We are fast becoming one of the largest handlers of repossessed automotive assets in Australia. From a frequent turnover of finance repossessions to corporate and government fleet remarketing our wide reaching industry contacts and robust marketing plans ensure successful results for all clients.

  • Aviation

    Slattery offers an ongoing monitoring service to help clients manage asset value fluctuations in the aviation industry. With advance warning you can make better business decisions regarding your aircraft. Our internationally trained staff have expertise selling everything from corporate jets and helicopters to vintage Tiger Moths.

  • Earthmoving & Construction

    Our intimate knowledge of earthmoving machinery, plant and equipment assets enables us to provide accurate valuations and sound advice to clients within the earthmoving, mining and construction sectors.

  • Agriculture & Farming

    Many of our staff began their careers as stock and station agents giving us a unique depth of insight. This and our longstanding experience in asset management of dryland, irrigation, grazing and broad acreage equipment makes us one of the strongest asset advisory firms in this area. We have both fixed wing and helicopter pilots on our staff, which allows us to access the remotest regions quicker than our competition.

  • Marine

    From small recreational craft to luxury yachts, large commercial vessels and navy ships, Slattery Asset Advisory provides a fast, reliable and discrete marine asset management service. Our longstanding marine experience means that we are able to overcome challenging logistical issues that are often related to marine asset remarketing.

  • Mining & Engineering

    Since the early beginnings of our company we have been a market leader in the disposal of mining assets. In more recent years our experience in the management, valuation and sale of open cut and underground mining equipment has allowed us to assist mining clients in restructuring their business in the face of challenging industry conditions.

  • Manufacturing & Engineering

    Manufacturing assets are often highly specialised and require an equally specialised approach when providing asset management advice or valuations. Early in the process we invest a significant amount of time understanding the asset and the potential buyer demographic which allows us to determine the best strategy to provide the best returns for our client.

  • Retail

    Slattery Asset Advisory has access to a database of over 12 million retail buyers in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia through the APAC Sale Group websites. Our partnership with APAC Group ensures our clients have the ability to reach a large audience fast and cost effectively. We offer a full suite of services including the shutdown and relocation of stores to ensure a smooth and effective sale process.